This page has been started to catalogue the things I’ve made with my Thermomix.  Links will be provided if I wrote a full post about it, but a summary of my impressions will be listed here.

I may divide the page or move it to a more suitable content repository if it gets a little too unwieldy.

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Q: Are you disappointed with your Thermomix?

A: No. But then, I come from a background that involves a lot of cooking (and eating) and I never saw it as a silver bullet to the kitchen.  I expected that it would be a multi-purpose tool in my kitchen arsenal to supplement what I would normally do, and it does this to my satisfaction.

If you think it will put an end to all your kitchen/cooking woes or expect that it will allow you to make flawless and effortless meals end-to-end, then unfortunately, I think you will be in for disappointment.

Please see this post for more detail about how I feel about my Thermomix.

Q: [Some variant of] I’m disappointed with my Thermomix, and I’m not sure what to do.

A: It depends on what it is you’re disappointed with.  If you’re finding it difficult to use, or if you find the recipes in the Every Day Cookbook (or whatever book came with your Thermomix) lacklustre, experiment and adjust the recipe to suit your taste.

If you don’t know how to adjust and improvise a recipe, go to Forum Thermomix and browse around there.  It is an active community and the members are keen to experiment, tweak and suggest modifications to the book recipes, and there are some other excellent recipes there that aren’t in the books as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the forum or of your consultant, they’re excellent resources and they’re there to help you out.  Especially your consultant, the last thing they want is for their customer to be disappointed or feel that they’re stuck with a white elephant.

If you have problems with your device, contact your consultant and they can help to troubleshoot or arrange for repair.

You can also sign up for the regional cooking classes. They’re not expensive, and you get to see a variety of different dishes and techniques being used specifically for the Thermomix.  And they also welcome questions and give tips.  You can register for classes on the Thermomix website, and your consultant will also send out regular newsletters (at least, mine does) letting you know when new classes are being held.

If you’re outside Australia, you can still use the forum, but for cooking classes, contact your consultant and see if you can get notified when classes are available for your area.

If all else fails, you can always sell it on ebay for a pretty good price.  I have been told that there are always people looking to buy second-hand Thermomixes.

Chocolate custard
: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Tasty, but I think the custards depend too much on cornflour.  I find the texture a little odd after a while.

Vegetable Stock Concentrate
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Serviceable, might tinker with the vegetables used and blend it smoother for a better flavour.

Tuna Pasta
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Far too much zest.  Flavour seems to lack depth.  Rather uninspiring. But the pasta was cooked just right.

Source: TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!
Adjustments: Knotted three pandan leaves to infuse while it was cooking instead of the suggested juice.  Used a drop of essence for colour.
Tastes and looks like a cross between blended custard and the topping of seri muka.  Fast to make, tastes alright, but is not quite right.

Mushroom Soup
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Alright, bit tart.  Have noticed there seems to be an obsession with lemon zest/juice in this recipe book.  Decided halving or omitting citrus content in all savoury dishes is probably a good idea.

Persimmon Sorbet
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Reduced sugar to 120g.
Persimmons might a bit more sugar.  Taste and texture okay.

Japanese Style White Bread
Source: Tang Zhong method converted to Thermomix
Adjustments: Made the tang zhong in the Thermomix (bit runny, needs tweaking).  Kneading and rising methods also adapted.
Dough was elastic and rose very well.  Not as fluffy as the usual method.  But with so many tweaks I need to review this.

Mushroom Risotto
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Not a fan of almost crunchy risotto so cooked it for a little longer than specified.
Not a terribly inspiring risotto. Recipe needs general tweaking.  Our consultant recommends adding some dried porcini.  This definitely helps, but still lacks a certain something.

Mashed Potato
: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Used dutch potatoes instead of floury potatoes.  Stirred a little nutmeg through at the end.
Had I reduced the final mash to 15-20 seconds it would have been perfect.  Using the waxy potatoes gave it almost the same consistency as the mash served at Red Cabbage. Very pleased.

Salted Caramel Maple Ice-Cream
Source: Forum Thermomix
Adjustments: Substituted the optional chocolate for chopped pecans.
Tastes beautiful, but was not partially frozen at the 3-4 hour mark.  Nor the 12 hour mark.  Or the 24 hour mark.  Was a bit like soft serve at around the 36 hour mark.  Like gelato at the 52 hour mark. Never made ice-cream before so don’t know if the custard was meant to be thicker prior to freezing.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Source: TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!
Adjustments: Half quantity, substituted half the chocolate chips with crystallised ginger.
Cakier than I like my biscuits.  Quite ordinary.

Porridge (Oats)
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Specified pulverisation time created a rolled oat dust.  I like my porridge with a bit of texture, probably only needs a second.  The liquid also needs to be stirred properly into the oats before cooking starts or you get clumps.  Needed stir out lumps and nearly double cooking time as a result.

Stir-Fry Sweet Potato Leaf
Source: TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!
Adjustments: Spinach instead of sweet potato leaf, red fermented bean curd (fu cheng) instead of white.
Yum.  But would have been just as easily done in a wok.

Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
On one hand, was astounded I didn’t find a rendang recipe in the TrueMix book, on the other, that’s entirely fair enough.  Amused that the ‘shrimp paste’ was listed as optional.  I cooked mine for 50 minutes, but at least a full hour would improve it.  Flavour alright, more wet than I would like but otherwise not bad.  Will try toasting the coconut before adding it in next time.

Torta Caprese
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Only had 200g almonds, topped the rest up with flour.
Jesus suffering f*ck grating chocolate in the Thermomix is loud.  Like someone dying loud.  Not even crushing ice for the sorbet is that painful.  Needed the boy’s over ear headphones to muffle the noise.  Did a great job grating it though. Perfectly grated.  Just… loud.  Bit puzzled by the instructions though.  Recommends 180C but says to drop it to 160C if the oven is very hot.  If it’s very hot then that would make the temperature higher than the advised temperature, no?  In any case, my oven is apparently ‘very hot’ because it was a bit dry with the recommendations.  That aside, I have better chocolate cake recipes.

Fried Brinjal with Basil
Source: TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!
Adjustments: Halved the amount of dried shrimp.  Added another 5-8m in cooking time.
The brinjal was still hard after the suggested cooking time.  Just kept going until it was soft.  Good flavour, but would probably be just as easy to do in the wok.

Soft Boiled Eggs
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Two instead of four eggs.
It worked, but I did leave it a little too long before I broke them so the yolk was firmer than I intended.  Not much to say really.

Taiwan Bread
Source: Forum Thermomix
Had some difficulty with the rise, even with a slightly warmed oven I had to leave it for a lot longer than 30 minutes for it to double in size.  The bread is a little heavier in texture and sweetness than I would like. Also dries out very quickly.

Kaya (non-steamed version)
Source: Family recipe
Ultimate failure.  Too much wrongness to document here.  Result was a very ‘green’ tasting eggy caramel.  Back to the drawing board with food sciencey analysis required.

Black Sesame Ice-Cream (converted recipe included)
Source: The Little Teochew
Adjustments: Reproportioned to use 500g of liquids (milk + cream).  Used only 80g of black sesame paste.  Adapted method based on traditional ice-cream recipe in Everyday Cooking for Every Family.
Black sesame flavour far too strong and too sweet.  Feels quite heaty after just one scoop.  Could probably drop the black sesame paste by 1/4-1/3 and maybe even 10-20g less sugar.

Steamed Rice
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Used our normal measuring cup to do one cup (approx. 120g) instead of the 400g.  Same amount of water.
Rice keeps coming out too wet. Not a fan.  Haven’t worked out how to make it turn out as consistently as in the dedicated rice cooker.

Pumpkin Soup
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Adjustments: Added nutmeg for a little extra flavour.  Sprinkled with shichimi.
No objections to the pumpkin soup.  Just flavour and season to taste.

Anzac Biscuits
Source: Everyday Cooking for Every Family
Looks like Anzac biscuits. Smells like Anzac biscuits. Bit softer than I like.  Needs more than the 8-10 minutes in the oven (fan-forced) because there isn’t sufficient browning.

Chawan Mushi (recipe included)
Source: Own recipe
Worked great.  Just need to make sure I cover it so the top remains smooth in future.

Pork Rib Soup (recipe included)
Source: Adapted from TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!
Pork ribs aren’t as tender as they would otherwise be if cooked on the stove.  But it’s a nice quick meal in 30 minutes.

Additional Notes

General Chopping
Threw in some vegetables that just needed general chopping into the Thermomix to save some time.

If the evenness of the chopping doesn’t matter then this is probably going to be your friend if there’s a lot of it to do. Especially if you can throw everything in together.  If you don’t want the odd slightly larger piece, then cutting it all by hand is going to be better.

Perhaps I’m being a little precious about it, but I have dismantled the thing pretty much after every use.  If I’m doing two very similar processes one after the other, I’ll just rinse it.

Will generally put a dash of detergent and fill it with water past the top of the blade component and blend it for a few seconds to get most of the stuff out from between the blades.  There are some things that are a pain to get out though, like dough or slightly melted chocolate.  The bristly brush tends to help.

The metal bowl doesn’t retain any odours like they say, but plastic lid does.  Even after a thorough clean, the smell might linger for a few days [edit: the lid still smells like curry spices after over a week].  It doesn’t affect the food, but if you’re using smell to figure out how your dish is going, it can make things very confusing.

Aside from the obvious noise from milling, grinding or crushing things, the machine is a little noisy.  When in ‘spoon’ mode or speed 1 or 2, the motor whir can get somewhat annoying.

Having worked in an open plan office, I learned to tune out annoying background noise for the most part, so it doesn’t bother me that much, but it can get a bit unnerving especially when it sounds like its struggling (even if it’s not).

Still slightly concerned with how loud it can get though.

Recipe Books
I own Everyday Cooking for Every Family which comes with the Thermomix when you buy it (in Australia) and TrueMix Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating! which is the Malaysian recipe book.

If you are looking for additional recipe books (there are heaps), contact your Thermomix consultant, or email if you’re in Australia.  If you’re not in Australia, you can look up your local Thermomix partner on the Vorwerk site.

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