To the guy who insisted on walking me to the subway station last night:



Thank you. 

I try not to walk through my neighborhood alone after dark. Last night, I was going to a birthday party, and I didn’t have a choice. What I was wearing shouldn’t have been relevant, but let’s be real: my knee-high boots and peacoat that was just a little longer than my dress elicited even more catcalls than usual. 

When you approached me, I immediately started pawing through my purse for my keys. I don’t know if I planned to stab you, or what, but I’m sorry I completely ignored you and sped up as you got closer, because “Those guys are dicks, and I just want to make sure you get where you’re going without them bothering you” was the last thing I expected  to hear. I am 5’7” with an average build, and you were at least 6’4” and built like a linebacker, so please understand my apprehension. 

What I really appreciated, though, was the fact that you kept your distance, You could tell that I was still a little uncomfortable and you respected that. You stayed a few feet behind me for the few blocks I had to walk, and when someone whistled at me from their stoop, you yelled “leave the lady alone!” As soon as I got to the subway station, I turned back to wave at you. You smiled, waved back, and said that you hoped that I had fun wherever I was going. 

Thank you for your concern, whoever you are. I appreciate it. I really, really do. 

Dear guy.

Thanks for being a decent human being and looking after someone. 


Random Internet user.

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