(via Wedding Photographer Sued Despite Doing a Great Job (Updated) – PictureCorrect)

Photographer took a job shooting a wedding. The bride and groom wanted the RAWs and said they would process them themselves (shoot to burn).  They uploaded the photos to facebook and received many compliments on how lovely the photos were.

Then they decided send a letter to the photographer saying that he ruined their wedding, and they wanted just under $20k in compensation (cost of the job + extra) or they will sue him for $300k.

The letter was threatening, juvenile, and pretty much sounds like extortion. “Give us money, or I’ll ruin you, and I can do it too, because I’m a lawyer”.

The photographer didn’t cover himself and there wasn’t a written contract/agreement about the services that would be rendered, but regardless, if you listen to the wording used in the letter sent to the photographer, you can only conclude that the guy is a horrible human being, and a terrible lawyer.

If he keeps this kind of rubbish up, one can only hope that he gets done for vexatious litigation and wasting the court’s time.